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Bocconi Rowing Team selection

Last updated: 15 February 2022
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Bocconi Sport Team is going to select candidates for the new Bocconi Rowing Team
the competitive rowing crew of Bocconi University.

The Coach of the Bocconi Rowing Team is Vittorio Scrocchi. The Team Manager is Prof. Vincenzo Baglieri.

Bocconi Rowing Team activities takes place at our dedicated gym into the Sport Center (for grounded work out), and at Idroscalo artificial lake (CUS MILANO) and Naviglio Grande (Canottieri San Cristoforo) for water training.

If you love this sport and you're interested in joining the new Team, please email to by February 18th, 2022. We'll contact you for the admission test, consisting of an interview with the Team Manager and a test on a boat, at Idroscalo lake.