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Last updated: 20 September 2022
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Characteristics of the medical certificate to participate in the Bocconi Sport activities


The suitable medical certificate to subscribe at Bocconi Sport can be of two different types:

  1. Medical certificate for non-agonistic sport activities with valid ECG
    • It must be issued by a Sports Medicine Center or by your family doctor
      NB: If it is issued by your general practitioner/family doctor, it is compulsory to provide a declaration (download HERE the fac-simile), signed by the person concerned, confirming on his/her responsibility that the doctor who issued the certificate is his/her general practitioner/family doctor.

      Without this declaration, the medical certificate will NOT be accepted.
    • It must be written by an Italian doctor in Italian

      The DELIVERY METHODS are as follows:
      • Original copy at the Bocconi Sport Reception on the ground floor of the Bocconi Sport Center in Viale Toscana 30
      • By fax to 02/58 365 835
      • By scanning and sending a readable copy of the certificate at the e-mail address
        NB: In this case, the certificate must bear the words “copia conforme all'originale” with the date and the signature of the person concerned.
  2. Medical certificate for agonistic sport activities (if you already have got one valid and in Italian)

    •  to scan and send a readeble copy of the certificate at the e-mail address
    • to deliver the original copy at the Bocconi Sport Reception at the ground floor of the Bocconi Sport Center in Viale Toscana 30 (except for borrowed athletes)
    • by fax at the number 02/58365835


If you haven't got a medical certificate with these characteristics, starting from September will have the possibility to book a medical check at the Bocconi Sport Center using the link Take Care, that you will find in your widget "Sport" in the you@be Agenda, after subscribing the membership. 


For any further information or for any problem do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address