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Your Safety Matters: we have taken action to protect our community

The health emergency we are facing has undoubtedly deeply affected all our lives, but it has also demonstrated the Bocconi community's capacity for resilience and innovation. Further responsible actions are required from everyone at an individual and collective level.

Bocconi University manages on-campus services and activities in compliance with the regulations and indications of local and national authorities.

Bocconi Sport Team guarantees that the measures established for the containment and management of the Covid-19 emergency will be implemented, through the support of the already existing organizational structure at Bocconi University, which supports Bocconi Sport Team regarding related requirements.

The health protocol adopted by Bocconi and Bocconi Sport Team sets out the following rules

Following the latest government provisions (law decree of 6 August 2021), a 'Green Pass' (EU Green Pass - EU digital COVID certificate) is mandatory for university students, faculty and staff, starting from 1 September 2021. Without the exhibition of the Green Pass, the access to the campus facilities will not be allowed and random checks will be made to secure compliance with this norm.

Bocconi Sport’s activities are included in activities that, starting from 06/08/2021, require possession of a Covid-19 certification (“Green Pass”), in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 105 of 23/07/2021. In particular, certification is required for:

  • Shows open to the public, sporting events and competitions;
  • Swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, including within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities.

The requirement to have a "Green Pass" also applies to the simple use of changing rooms.

To participate in sporting events, starting from 06/12/2021, it is necessary to have a Covid-19 green certification of vaccination or recovery (i.e. "Super Green Pass" or “Green Pass Rafforzato").

No gatherings are allowed. This rule remains a staple of the Covid prevention campaign. While on Campus and in the Bocconi Sport Center, at every movement it will be necessary to maintain interpersonal safety distance (at least one meter).

Another fundamental rule: within the Campus (indoor areas) it will be mandatory to wear a face mask and use all the prevention devices made available by the University (e.g. disinfectant gel dispensers for cleaning hands).

Thermo-scanners are positioned at the entrance of every building of the University, Bocconi Sport Center included, with single or multiple scans depending on the access flows, for the detection of body temperature upon entry. Those whose temperature exceeds 37.5 °C degrees will not be let in and a procedure to verify the health of the person in question will be initiated as required by the measures of the Anti-Covid Protocol adopted by the University.

We have planned regular sanification interventions in all buildings.

With regard to the use of air ventilation systems in the premises, the systems are always kept on (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) without any recirculation of air flows, precisely with the aim of removing any suspended particles and prevent their deposit on surfaces. The use of these systems reduces the level of risk, precisely because it dilutes any concentration of particles within the premises.

We are counting on your careful collaboration. Any conduct that does not comply with the rules hereby indicated will be sanctioned.

Your safety matters