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Freediving is an increasingly popular sport, even indoors in a pool. It can be practiced both as dynamic apnea (distance, with or without fins/monofin) and as static apnea (time). Italy is a leading nation in freediving, with its national team winning multiple European and world titles and countless records established by its best athletes.

If you have never tried freediving, you can sign up for a course dedicated to the discovery of this sport, both in a pool and, if you’d like, in the open sea. At the end of the course, you will be awarded an internationally recognized license. If you already have a freediving license and want to continue freediving, or you already compete at the national competitive level (FIPSAS), we offer a dedicated training program.


Do you want to know more? Read the following FAQ!

Why should I sign up for an Indoor Apnea course?
Freediving is not (only) a sport; boradly speaking, it is a discipline. In addition to the physical training of aquatic skills, finning technique, breathing and relaxation, it is an intimate experience, which offers space for introspection and the deepening of one's knowledge. Thanks to Freediving it is possible to learn how to manage anxieties and find time for one's reflections. Learning how to properly breath is paramount for breathholding techniques …. Indoor Freediving is the first step to approach this discipline as a novice and set a solid ground for an amazing experience.

What will I learn during the PApP2 course?
You will learn how to practice freediving safely, what happens with your body when you hold your breath and how to handle freediving mentally. By the end of the course, you should have learned distance disciplines in the pool, with and without fins, focusing on technique and efficiency. Safety is important, and part of the course is dedicated to the buddy-system and to learn rescue procedures. You will also learn about specific freediving gears, how to use them properly, and how to train and progress. 

What’s the minimum age to participate?
You must be 14 year old. Below 18 yo, parents’ or guardian’ written consent must be provided. 

Is there any swimming pre-requisite?
Be able to swim freestyle (and breaststroke) non-stop.

Is there any medical requirement?
In order to participate, you need a medical abilitation specific for freediving and valid for agonistic purposes. The medical examination foresees, among other controls, an audiometry, timpanic membranes examination, a spirometry to assess lungs functionality, urinanalysis, ECG at rest and during exercise. An original copy of the medical certificate must be handed to Aquamore within the 1st lesson (21/3/2022) in order to participate to the water session.

Do I need a Super Green Pass?
Access to the Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center is ruled by the current Law Decree from the Italian Government. According to the latest D.L. 1/2022, Super Green Pass is required to access sport centers as well as swimming pools. Rules will change according to the law.

Do I need to subscribe to the FIPSAS Italian Federation?
Subscription to FIPSAS is mandatory to participate to any course organized by FIPSAS Instructors. Upon subscription, an insurance coverage against accidents and civil liability is activated (for more information see Please, note that a valid medical abilitation is required for the insurance to be active. 

How long is the Freediving course?
10 classes of 90min each, once a week, on Monday’ nigh (9pm to 10:30pm from 21/3/2022). Each class is divided into an initial theory session (9-9:30), followed by practice (9:30-10:30).

How much does the Freediving PApP2 course cost?
480 euros including access to the Aquamore facility (locker room, classroom and 25m pool) on Monday (21-22:30), subscription to FIPSAS, and the certification at the end of the course. Personal expenses for the medical abilitation, affiliation to Aquamore or Bocconi Sport Team and books are not included. If you are not affiliated yet to Aquamore, or Bocconi Sport Team, 40 euros must be added to the final cost. 

Where can I study for the certification?
All topics covered during practical and theory sessions can be found in Manuale Federale di Apnea vol. 1 e 2 that can be bought online (purchase is not mandatory). Unfortunately, at present these books are only in Italian.

Where are lessons held?
All classes will take place at the Aquamore facility (Bocconi Sport Center, Viale Toscana 30, Milan). Theory sessions will be held at pool level, in the classroom by the 25m pool (25m) where practical sessions are held. For logistic reasons you are asked to arrive at theory sessions right on time, wearing comfortable clothes and ready to enter the water at the end of theory class.

Is attendance compulsory?
Although 100% attendance is not mandatory, it is advisable to follow all the scheduled lessons encompassing a theory session (30min) and a water session (60min). All sessions are necessary for the freediving training aimed at acquiring concepts and abilities as by the federal program. At the beginning of each class, all students will be asked to sign the Log Book to certify their presence and acknowledge topics and exercises covered with the session

What happens if I miss one or more lessons/sessions?
There are no recovery lessons due to absences of any nature; however, technical skills and exercises will be repeated many times to allow everyone to acquire and refine the techniques for Indoor freediving. Should you need to interrupt the course due to proven health reasons (i.e. by presenting the relevant medical certificate), a partial reimbursement will be considered or, in case you wish to continue along the same path in a future course, it will be possible to register with a discount.

Do I have to pass a test to obtain the PApP2 certificate?
On the last evening of the course, you will be required to take a test, the correction of which will be done together with the Instructors. Technical abilities will be evaluated during the practice. In case of doubts and/or incomplete performances, the candidates will be asked to show the relevant skills/performances during the last evening of the course. The issuance of the international PaPp2 certificate (CMAS One-Star Pool Freediver) is subject to passing the final test and meeting the minimum requirements set by the FIPSAS Federation (2min static apnea STA; 25m+ dynamic no fins; 50m of dynamic with fins).

What happens if I fail to meet the minimum requirements for the PApP2 certificate?
The issuance of the PApP2 international certificate (CMAS One Star Pool FreeDiving), in accordance with federal standards is at the Instructor’ discretion, based on the evaluation of the set of skills acquired by each candidate. In case of failure to meet the minimum requirements for the PApP2, again at the discretion of the Instructor, it is possible to obtain the issuance of a lower level certificate (PApP1 - Pool Discovery Freediver).

Who are the instructors?
Classes and Courses are held by Federal Freediving Instructors, recognized by CMAS (World Commission of Underwater Freediving): Angelo Sciacca, Endurance Freediving vice-worls champion, and Silvia Pozzi.

When can I register for the course?
The sooner the better…by any means no later than Monday, March 14th 2022. Due to our strict security standards, we can host a maximum of 12 students (6 people per lane, each lane with a dedicated Federal Instructor).

Can I sign up for a Freediving course even if I am not fluent in Italian?
Sure! we are also fluent in English

What can I do after the Indoor certification?
You can start a training path to improve your technique and abilities while waiting for your next Indoor course to deepen your knowledge and skills. If you are interested in agonistic Indoor freediving you can start exploring its specialties, i.e. static apnea (STA), dynamic no fins (DNF) and dynamic with biphins or a monofin (DYN), and also Speed and Endurance. If you are intrigued by the depths of the sea, you can follow up with an outdoor course.

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